Healthy Computing

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Stay healthy and avoid injury while working long hours on Your PC

Who Else Wants To Stay Healthy, And Fit While Working In Front Of A Computer Day In And Day Out?

  • No gain of extra inches at your waistline....
  • No eyestrains, back pains, or other discomforts...

Dear Friend,

You have been using computers since your childhood. Now, you have a long list of discomforts and ailments to your credit.

Your doctor says that it is the nature of your work that has made you an unhealthy person through the years.

You are getting in worse shape mentally and physically as the years roll on, from the life you have chosen working in front of a computer!

What next? I have heard so many cases like this from people from different walks of life. Most of them are professionals like software engineers, transcriptionists, medical coders, data entry operators, secretaries, and animators who spend almost the entire day in front of computers.
I myself have been suffering from so many disorders at a very young age due to the simple reason of not taking much care of my health while sitting in front of the computer.

Now, I have learned the hard way from my own experience. I do give advise to my friends and relatives on healthy computing if this topic happens to come across in our conversations.

The first time I had to sit back and think if this machine was giving me more trouble than comfort, is when I had this flinching pain on my neck, which radiated down to my feet.