99 Sites You Should Have Bookmarked...But Probably Don't

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The Webs Worth Watching Archives

"The Internet is Filled with Millions of FREE, Time-Saving, Money-Making Tools and Resources...But Do You Know Where to Find Them?"

"It all began back in November of 2001..."

I was completely unkown then, and for good reason - I hadn't done a single thing on the Internet.

But all that was about to change...

On November 30th of 2001, I launched my first issue of the "Webs Worth Watching" Newsletter, and never looked back. Each month I rounded up the best sites I could find and sent them out to my subscribers. So far these sites have included:

  • Tried and tested link trackers so you know which ads are pulling well, and which ones are not (#38 and #2)
  • Free, bannerless webhosts to use when testing your new mini-sites and products (#1)
  • Spy tools that are great for keeping tabs on the competition as well as the latest trends on the Internet (#5, #6, #75 and #82)
  • Free utilities that add spice and usability to your site (#11, #17, #26, #73 and #95)
  • Incredibly low-cost voicemail services that can add an instant level of professionalism and trust to your online business (#9)
  • And much much more...
But that's not even the tip of the ice burg.