101 Secrets of a Microsoft Excel Addict

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Secrets That Will Have Everyone Around You Thinking You're An Excel Magician"

Be Careful !

The SECRETS revealed in this eBook are highly ADDICTive

Are You Struggling with Excel?

Now you can have 101 of these amazing time-saving tips in your hands in just a few minutes from now!

What Will You Learn In This eBook?

  • Tip #93: Create a custom filtering toolbar to make working with your lists a breeze.
  • Tip #12: Delete all blank rows in your list in just seconds using this trick -- even if your list has thousands of rows.
  • Tip #21: Create a table of contents using hyperlinks to make moving around large complex workbooks as easy as surfing the Internet.
  • Tip #53: This trick will show you how you can use different formatting on text in the same cell.
  • My ebook contains 94 more great time-saving tricks that are waiting to turn you into a 'Local Excel Expert'.
  • Tip #31: Summing just the data that meets a certain condition is easy when you know this tip.
  • Tip #44: Link Text Boxes to data in cells.