Multi-engine Pilot Home Study Kit with Far Aim

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Move up from your trainer to multi-engine planes. Fly further, fly faster. Includes everything to train and study for FAA tests.

Get ready to fly multi-engines, airplanes with this material. Includes Guides, PTS and all test questions. This kit categorizes and presents FAA reference materials and many extras in a convenient, easy-to-use and follow electronic format for your success (see listing of content below.) Study guides necessarily reference these official FAA documents. In many cases, they are the same documents sold by the recognized companies for many times more. In all cases, the material is the final authority in testing and regulatory questions and is as good as or better than what is sold at many times the cost. I have also included many time and money saving tools available on the disk and reference to online tools to assist with planning, weather and training. All are free with this disk. Save your money for flight time.

This Kit categorizes and presents all the documents that will prepare you for flying Multi-engine aircraft. Home study curriculums individually developed by students should be compiled from material described in the applicable FAA knowledge test guide. This library compiles those materials and many extras on a Kit in one place.