Glider Pilot Home Study Kit with Far Aim

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Get your glider certification. including the new sport certification. Test your skills by flying without an engine. Includes test standards, guides and questions.

Get certified in any glider rating including the new sport certification materials. Included in this kit is the best introductory book about soaring that I have ever seen. And the graphics are wonderful. This new addition to the FAA's handbook series is the first official book released by the FAA for the sole purpose of glider and sailplane instruction and knowledge. Originally designed as a technical ebook for glider pilots and students, this handbook also contains chapters of beneficial reference information for glider and powered-flight pilots of all skill levels and experience. The Glider Flying Handbook is filled with in-depth coverage throughout on decision making, weather theory and services, aerodynamics, aircraft performance, medical factors, communications, the certification process and regulations, soaring maneuvers and techniques, and launch and recovery. Even if your just curious, you'll want to get this kit.

This Kit categorizes and presents all the documents that will prepare you for flying Gliders for any certification. Home study curriculums individually developed by students should be compiled from material described in the applicable FAA knowledge test guide. This library compiles those materials and many extras on a Kit in one place.