CompletePilot Groundschool Training

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Now You Can Learn To Fly Easily & Get Your Private Pilot Licence Done In 10 Days Or Less...!

The "CompletePilot" : Flight Training System

  • With the Private Pilot DVD Training Course, you get...
  • "The 10 Day Crash-Course To Attain Your Private Pilot License With The #1 Helicopter & Aircraft Flight Training System"
  • Actual FAA & JAR exam study pack with 26,000 Q&As, private pilot syllabus tests plus free cheat sheets and study guides!
  • Comprehensive fixed-wing, flex-wing and helicopter pilot tutorial training manuals for JAA, FAA, JAR and CAA pilot training.
  • A complete helicopter and fixed wing private pilot course that consists of manuals, handbooks & groundschool training
  • A ground school course with over 2000 illustrated pages of flight training manuals (you will be super-prepared before hitting the skies for your first time!)

This Complete Private Pilot Training Course is for you if...

  • You want to test the waters and see what is involved with getting your pilot's license before taking the plunge and spending thousands on overpriced flying schools!
  • You have always dreamed of learning how to fly but didn't know where to begin (now you do)!
  • You are determined to get your pilot's license and want to