Commercial and ATP Certification FAA Training Kit

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Everything for Commercial and Air Transport Pilot (ATP) ground school !

Make your flying hobby your profession. Includes handbooks, test standards and question banks.

Numerous companies (Jeppesen, King, ASA, etc) make a living supplying this information in slightly different formats. Jeppesen Commercial Pilot Kit costs over $250, and they don't offer material for ATP study and refreshers:

  • Commercial Test preparation software (List price: $159.95)
  • Commercial Syllabus (List price: $17.49)
  • Commercial Rating Airmen Knowledge Test Guide (List price: $23.95)
  • Commercial Practical Test Standards (List price: $6.49)
  • Commercial Pilot FAA Exam Package (List Price 39.95)
  • Commercial Manual (List price: $84.49)

This CD lists all the documents that will prepare you for flying commercial all the way to Airline Transport Pilot. Home study curriculums individually developed by students should be compiled from material described in the applicable FAA knowledge test guide. This library compiles those materials and many extras on a CD in one place.