Airplane Pilot Home Study Kit with Far Aim

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Use this library to pass written tests, to prepare for oral and practical tests, to plan flights, to keep current and to pass bi-annual reviews. Covers Sport, Recreation and Private Certifications. Contains almost 100 electronic handbooks, guides, regulations, bulletins, templates and tools. Numerous companies (Jeppesen, King, ASA, Glems, etc) make a living supplying this information in slightly different formats. The Jeppesen Kit costs over $425:

  • TechStar Electronic Flight Computer (List price: $69.95)
  • Private Pilot Stage Exam Booklet (List price: $7.49)
  • Private Pilot Practical Test Study Guide(List price: $22.95)
  • Private Pilot Practical Test Standards (List price: $6.49)
  • Private Pilot Manual (List price: $73.95)
  • Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual (List price: $19.49)
  • Private Pilot Airplane Exam Pack (List price: $22.49)
  • Private Pilot Airmen Knowledge Study Guide(List price: $18.49)
  • Private FliteSchool (test preparation software) (List price: $159.95)
  • Pilot Logbook (List price: $13.49)
  • GFD Presolo Written Exam (List price: $4.49)
  • FAR/AIM Manual (paper) (List price: $19.95)
  • Aviation Weather Services (Paperback) (List price: $16.95)